David Berry is a Miami-based entrepreneur and writer. He is the founder of DB + Partners, a performance digital media agency. As a writer, he has been featured in the Miami Herald, Brickell Magazine, Aventura Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

In December 2016, David ordered an Ancestry.com DNA test kit to learn about the origins of his paternal grandfather, Clyde, who passed away at the age of 39. His ancestral background was thought to be British.

In March 2017, David received his DNA test results. The site indicated that David was more than 50 percent Jewish, and that he had a relative who Ancestry.com indicated was close enough to be an aunt, a first cousin, or a half-sibling – with no sign of British heritage.

After six months of research for an explanation, David received a phone call from his father that brought clarity to the situation – and threw his life into upheaval – as he learned that his father was not his biological father; he had been conceived using a sperm donor.

The DNA Diary is an exploration of self-discovery and family following that revelation, as well as a resource for those looking to make sense of their own genetic stories.